Incredibly fresh products, good food and drinks are ready for you.Funky Oyster bar offering mouth-watering seafood selections.

The finest Mediterranean seafood

Focusing on only the finest Mediterranean seafood, alongside Funky Oyster Bar is filled with celebrated flavours.
Our Selection of Oyster
Irish oyster
Irish rock oyster (Magallana gigas) and native flat oyster (Ostrea edulis) which are the two oysters that are now grown in Ireland.
Our Selection of Oysters
Fine de Claire
The classic, matured for several weeks in clarifying and flushing tanks to obtain a "pure" taste. These oysters come fresh from France.
Our Selection of Oysters
Sylter Royal
It is the only oyster produced in Germany and achieves a high meat content. The taste is described as delicately nutty and not very salty.
Our Selection of Oysters
Tsarskaya Oyster
Tsarskaya, Cancale, France. This is a fleshy oyster with sugary notes reminiscent of sweet almonds and a slight hint of acidity at the end.
Our Selection of Oysters
Gillardeau Oyster
The Gillardeau oyster, also known as the 'Special de Claire', is a first-class oyster. It has a pronounced meaty body with a crisp, nutty and slightly sweet flavour.

Sustainability at Funky OysterWe are proud of our sustainably sourced fish and act responsibly and respectfully.

With attention for the guests and an eye for every detail.HIGHEST QUALITY SEAFOOD INSPIRED CUISINE

The concept is very simple: incredibly fresh products, no overdone prices. In short, good food and drinks.
But the real success lies in the dedication of our family – 100% heart for the business, 24 hours a day. With attention for the guests and an eye for every detail.

Let's Have Some DrinkCHEERS!

We offer a great selection of beer and wine.

We hope you”ll join us to taste our quality drinks and foods and enjoy the experience. Get the ideal surroundings to unwind over drinks after a day’s work.


Recipes from our Chef

Would you like try cooking the delicious fish recipes
created by our “Chef HÜSEYIN OZER” ?

Let’s have a look some recipes.


"Funky Oyster Chef"